PET Bottle Manufacturing & Hot-fill Beverage Filling

The first to manufacture lightweight PET bottles in Taiwan

Provide the most diverse PET bottle types

Capability of manufacturing 38Ø wide-mouth bottles

Put Industry 4.0 into practice to improve self-monitoring

The best hot-fill beverage factory in Taiwan

Capability of filling low-acid beverage products

The best feature of Evershine is that we have our own manufacturing factory. Since the establishment of our factory in Taiwan in 1994, we have accumulated much experience in beverage production and continuously improved the techniques and quality. Furthermore, to take our company into the global market, we completed the expansion of the hot-fill beverage filling line in 2019 and started to provide different products and services to the clients all over the world. With the integration of PET bottle manufacturing and beverage filling, we can reduce the cost and risk of transportation between different factories, thus providing you the more cost-effective production.